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Cases: Raffles Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Hornbach, Nike Germany, Crossfit Denmark, Mercedes, Iconfinder, Book promotion


Raffles Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten


The hotel is consistently rated as one of the finest hotels in the world. It is the premier hotel address in Hamburg. That hotel offers "Table Manners for Children"-courses. Challenge: How might we have parents and their kids consider going to this hotels table manners courses? 

We do it by adding value, by giving parents and their kids a cool book about table manners as freemium. The book is cool enough for the kids and at the same time it's in a premier design to show that it's from Raffles Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten and to have happy parents. The book came in a handcrafted cherry tree wooden box. Some parents reported that their kids were very positively surprised. 

Result: Courses are booked out for months. 


Art Direction: Mike Brandt; Copywriter: Jens Ringena; Illustration: André Rösler, Mike Brandt; Production: Produktionsbüro Romey von Malottky GmbH





Hornbach is a European wide retail chain for DIY. The Hornbach brand is a punk with a handyman's determination of getting big projects done. Here two examples, a film and print ads. 


Copywriter: Alexander Ardelean, Till Eckel, Sebastian Kainz; Art Directors: Mike Brandt, Tim Schneider, Marc Wientzek; Production company: Markenfilm Berlin; Film Director: Carl Erik Rinsch; Production Company Producer: Lutz Mueller; Editor: Pablo Plant; SFX: Alex Grau (FURIA Barcelona); Sound Design: Mosermeyer



Photography: Gerrit Hahn, Kristof Fischer



Nike Germany


Challenge: How might we introduce Nike Free to the German market? These posters are placed in cities that have a Nike flagship store, like Berlin. 



Crossfit Denmark


For the opening of a next CrossFit center we added value by making the training experience even more intense and challenging. Collaborating with locals like a death metal band, circus, and a place for renting a wind machine, people could train to a live playing death metal band, climb competing with a real monkey, and train while fighting against a wind machine. We hope this added value is ongoing. 

Partner: Michael Sten



Mercedes Denmark


For Mercedes Denmark I turned ordinary picture material of silver Mercedes into a current white look.


Production: Benjamin Flamand, dedication


While introducing the next version of A-, B-, and CLC-Class we celebrated people who did things "better again" as well.

"To all the better-doers. To all those who don't stop improving. Who, when everyone say's it's fine believe in the better. To all those positive restless ones. Those difficult-likers." 


mercedes international


Art direction on Mercedes international photoshoot of the CLS with Daniel M. Hartz.



Iconfinder is a platform for icon designer to license their icon design and for UI designer to find the icon design they need. They are based in Copenhagen. Challenge: How might we create content on social media to grow our audience? 


Most Iconfinder customers are in the US (according to, so instead of targeting to Northern Europe target to the US. And a hosted icon design festival shouldn't be in Amsterdam but in the US. 

Iconfinder creates an icon each day for todays trending topic in the US and put it out with the right hashtags. See whats trending on and 


Furthermore, Iconfinder dedicates one digital channel for cutting edge knowledge and tips around UI, for example, the best prototype tools, work processes, best UI work. 

As Iconfinder uses the logo on digital channels, consider modifying the logo to a more friendly version. And as digital channels drive traffic to the Iconfinder site, let's optimise that site.  


current site

new site



Book promotion


To create an audience for my self published book I started a Facebook page while writing it. By sharing some hopefully helpful tips the audience grew to about 500 (likes). I published the book as a free PDF with 3,000 downloads in the first three weeks. 

Here are examples of some of my posts. In the text to these images I elaborated on the headline and referenced cases. 





People choose a restaurant or cafe not only because of the food but the whole place. But restaurant guides strangely only focus on the food. Therefore for people in Copenhagen I started @spacesforfood on Instagram focusing on the space where food is served, the food is secondary. Having started @spacesforfood two months ago it has gained over 100 followers and is growing steadily.